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Introduction to Raspberry Pi

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Introduction to Raspberry Pi

10 Sep 2014

Raspberry Pi Photo The Raspberry Pi is one of the most groundbreaking pieces of electronics of the last year. This single board computer is inexpensive yet comes packed with ethernet, USB, a high powered graphics engine, digital I/O ports and enough CPU power to accomplish your projects. In this class, learn how the Raspberry Pi can bridge the gap between the Internet and the physical world as the brains behind all your projects.

This class will cover the basics of setting up and installing the Raspberry Pi. It will also show you how to use the Digital input and outputs to control LEDs, motors, and sensors. The class will build on these skills to make the Raspberry Pi accessible over the Internet and to interact with existing web pages.

Learn how the Raspberry Pi differs from an Arduino and when to use one over another, and even how to use Raspberry Pi together with an Arduino. The class will conclude with some advanced topics, such as over-clocking your Raspberry Pi and experimenting with graphics (great for building your own arcade games).

This class is targeted at those who are interested in learning more about using the Raspberry Pi in their own electronics/software projects and who have some basic programming experience. Students will leave the class with the ability and knowledge needed to build their own ground-breaking Raspberry Pi based projects.

Class Overview

Module 1 - Getting to know the Raspberry Pi

  • Overview of software and hardware capabilities
  • Installing Raspberry Pi software
  • Connecting to a Raspberry Pi

Module 2 - Internet enabling the Pi, General Purpose Inputs and Outputs

  • Running a Flask Webserver on the Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling GPIO ports from Flask