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Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Artisan's Asylum

Session 4 - Internet Enabling the Raspberry Pi

This session will be focused on connecting the Raspberry Pi to the Internet. Creating web-based interfaces for your Raspberry Pi applications greatly widens the range and usefulness of your projects. Check the temperature of your house using your smarthphone, or tweet pictures of your cat while you are at work. We'll discuss Flask, a Python HTTP framework to create a web server. We'll also cover using the Raspberry Pi as an HTTP client to access popular APIs like Twitter, Xively, or my current favorite, Dark Sky.

Since many APIs are easier to use with 3rd party libraries, we'll discuss how to use Python's virtual environments to manage open source dependencies.

Then, we'll move on to discussing Arduinos and how they relate to Raspberry Pi. Using the PyFirmata libraries, we'll control an Arduino from a Raspberry Pi's python script. If time allows, we'll explore the MCP3008 Analog to Digital converter.

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